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Cure Farm is a non-inflationary cryptocurrency that is designed to execute profit-generating strategies autonomously with a completely decentralized approach.

The ambition of CURE is to become the most widely adopted and most trusted protocol for yield farming in the DeFi space. Many of CURE’s investors have been a stable group of liquidity providers and will become a diverse set of companies and individuals. The sufficiency and security of CURE’s liquidity will enable it to act as a more general financing tool as CURE will initiate lending projects in the future.

The focus of CURE needs to be on providing an attractive risk-adjusted return over the long term. While other successful DeFi projects, such as Pickle Finance and Basis Cash…


When someone saw a project with no exit, It is very normal to have hatred for this project, and this kind of emotion will appear on everyone. For some small projects with no future and no liquidity, it is necessary to have those sentiments. But this kind of sentiment can be separated on CURE, cause CURE is very different from other projects. The CURE liquidity pool has become much more spectacular each day, the CURE community is growing through mandatory consensus, this is what we called legendary.

If you don’t know enough about CURE or just start participating in CURE…


Community is the voussoir to support a project. Community consensus and members are the most valuable asset. Only the project with strong consensus can last long-term and truly benefit the members.

Punishment is Reward, Hatred is Love

Understand the rules before you click the stake button, otherwise, you may find yourself falling under an embarrassing impasse. The reckless investment could only lead people to dilemma, and such irrational impulsion will not help anyone anywhere, not just in the Blockchain field.

After people have done their research on whitepaper and Twitter, the new vision will occupy their minds and expand their sight. …

1.🎈 What’s the biggest feature between CURE and other liquidity farming project?

Once CURE, always CURE. CURE rewards believers (long-term investors) and penalizes deserters (short-term speculators). Our mechanism will automatically remove a certain amount of LP from those who decide to unstake, and then use that amount of LP to keep the liquidity going. This way we make sure that there is always sufficient liquidity in the pool, thus “rewarding” the believers.

2. ✊No matter how excellent your product is, everything becomes useless without Community support. What is your strategy to build a strong and solid community?

Yes indeed, community support is the backbone of a project. We aim to build a positive and solid community through mutual trust and consensus. We promote our products mainly through many different platforms, where our team and members are united…

CURE is a cryptocurrency that cures the believer and punishes the deserter. The CURE project aims to maintain constant growth in the liquidity pool. It will motivate community consensus. If a participant refuses community consensus, then the punishment will fall upon him. In a community governance project, the existence of a speculator is an unstable factor. CURE welcomes stable investors rather than speculators. In CURE, punishment transfers to reward, because the amount allocated through punishing the speculator will be used to reward investors. This action will motivate more participants to be part of the CURE community.

Punishment is Also Reward

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